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Music composed for a bunch of games (and one podcast) during Strawberry Jam 7. more

Novembeat 2022: Original Soundtrack

novembeat 2022.jpg

A song-a-day album in which I made music for various game soundtracks. Some of them even ended up getting used in some games. Neat. more

Novembeat 2021: Lo-Fi Beats to Grind Coffee To

novembeat 2021.jpg

Songs that capture the feelings of grinding coffee with various coffee grinders. more

Songs of Substance

songs of substance.jpg

Yet another Song Fight!-heavy album. Songs about sexuality, alienation, and… showtunes? more

Novembeat 2020

novembeat 2020.jpg

2020 was a very good year. For Novembeat, anyway. I guess some other stuff happened too. more

Novembeat 2019

novembeat 2019.jpg

What’s this? Another Novembeat collection? But of course! more

Novembeat 2018

novembeat 2018.jpg

Yet another Novembeat collection. more

Wiener Dog on a Motorcycle

wiener dog.jpg

A cute kids' song about what is on the tin. more

Strawb Jamz


Various songs written for games as part of a game jam. more

Admiralo Island Witches Club Demo OST


The short OST for a work-in-progress game. more

Herbal Spice Problem OST

herbal spice problem.jpg

A small soundtrack for a small indie game. more

Novembeat 2017

novembeat 2017.jpg

The second Novembeat album. Started out as musical experimentations, then ended up becoming a musical diary of a rather terrible month. more

Novembeat 2016

novembeat 2016.jpg

An album produced as part of the inaugural Novembeat challenge. Mostly electronic music, every song written, recorded, and produced in a single day. more

…Or Die Trying OST

or die trying.jpg

An OST for a video game done in a weekend, primarily electronic in nature. more

Tales of the Under

tales of the under.jpg

Some silly covers and remixes of a couple of songs from Undertale more



An album full of experimental electronic styles. Also available as a collection of small games. more

Radio Ready

radio ready.jpg

Yet another album of Song Fight! music. These songs are primarily in the rock genre. more

Love and Monsters

love and monsters.jpg

Sockpuppet’s second album, again containing mostly Song Fight! music. Songs about love, monsters, and possibilities. more



Sockpuppet’s debut album; multiple genres, primarily electropop, mostly music written for Song Fight!. more