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Novembeat 2022: Original Soundtrack

novembeat 2022.jpg

A song-a-day album in which I made music for various game soundtracks. Some of them even ended up getting used in some games. Neat. more

Novembeat 2021: Lo-Fi Beats to Grind Coffee To

novembeat 2021.jpg

Songs that capture the feelings of grinding coffee with various coffee grinders. more

Novembeat 2020

novembeat 2020.jpg

2020 was a very good year. For Novembeat, anyway. I guess some other stuff happened too. more

Novembeat 2019

novembeat 2019.jpg

What’s this? Another Novembeat collection? But of course! more

Novembeat 2018

novembeat 2018.jpg

Yet another Novembeat collection. more

Novembeat 2017

novembeat 2017.jpg

The second Novembeat album. Started out as musical experimentations, then ended up becoming a musical diary of a rather terrible month. more

Novembeat 2016

novembeat 2016.jpg

An album produced as part of the inaugural Novembeat challenge. Mostly electronic music, every song written, recorded, and produced in a single day. more