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apparel, accessories

Spelling Bee


Which witch? It’s the spelling bee! Available as prints or apparel and accessories.

Chibi GB-Chan!

chibi gb chan.jpg

It is everybody’s favorite portable electronic hero, GB-Chan!!! more

Blue-ringed octopus


Demonstrate how you are not a mollusk to be trifled with! Indicate the strength of your neurotoxins with a brilliant display of chromatophores! Never again be bothered by the unsavory sea creatures who would do you harm. more

Plaid Life


Gifts, accessories, and clothing for the plaidophile in your life.

Perfectly Normal


Gifts, accessories, and clothing for the graphics programmers and 3D modelers in your life.

I Am the Slime

i am the slime.jpg

Oozing along on your living room floor. Great for fans of Frank Zappa and/or Dragon Quest. more

Legalize Unicorns


Because unicorns are constantly under threat from those who would do them harm, we must keep them legal! more